Landscape & Travel

Always eager to explore our surroundings (and more!), Carcajou Pictures (modestly) aims to reveal through this section the magnificent haven we live in. This beauty goes from the big picture of natural landscapes to the human-made wonders.

 Medieval View - Mont Saint Michel, Normandie (France)

White Blanket - Tremosine - Lago di Garda (Italia)

Château de Martainville - Martainville, Normandie (France)

Eternal Walls - Jumièges, Normandie (France)

The Edge of the World - Yport, Normandie (France)

Sand Vein - La Turballe, Pays de la Loire, (France)

Across La Loire - Saint Nazaire Bridge, Pays de la Loire (France)

Perfect Sun Ray - Etretat, Normandie (France)

Special Waters - Lago di Tenno (Italia)

The Path - Pénestin, Bretagne (France)

Fluffy Rooftop - Clisson, Pays de la Loire (France)