At Carcajou Pictures we are only seeking images of truly wild animals (no zoo nor parcs where animals are used to human presence). We put the emphasis on capturing either amazing natural behavior or awesome interaction with the photographer.

Brotherhood - Red fox

The Nap - Seal

Showing Off - Cormorant

Curiosity - Red Squirrel

Dinosaur Green - Lizard

Unique Look - Long-tailed tit

Sentinel - Wren

Playing Hide and Seek - Roe Deer

Mud Bath - Wild Boar

Curious Mind - Deer

Pride - Red Deer

The Awakening of the Deer - Roe Deer

Open Eye - Frog

Enjoying Spring Again - Roe Deer

The Painted Pretty Bird - Chaffinch

Warming Sun - Blue Tit

The Gymnast - Robin

Forest Cutie - Weasel